Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Testing. Okay, welcome Katie and maybe Sarah and probably not Gyssa. I have to get more people on here!
Wince. Well, won't anyone take a guess on what I got today? A cavity. My first one. But you can't tell, and it didn't hurt all that much, but my eyes watered and I felt horrible. My mum says it's only because the people that did it screwed up. Maybe they did. But anyway, my chompers are gorgeous and white and I love them except for that stupid cavity one. I might be prone to them, I think I'm the first one to get them out of my friends. My mouth aches so much and I can't take it but it'll be over once I sleep. I will get to sleep, won't I?
I'm not an addict. Not at all. I'm mad because I can't post it on my place.God. Hi, god. GR. I love Liquid Dreams, it's so smooth, but O-Town reminds me of the country. That isn't bad, but grandmothers live out on the country. Nevermind.

Why am I so wierd? I'm not. I just think I am because I laugh a lot when Jenner laughs while I'm shooting freethrows. Then that screws me. Pokemon. My brother is watching it right now and it is the most annoying thing on the whole entire world. GRRRRR. Now I'm starting to sound like Alex. Pokemon, die die die. Pokemon stinks. Ugh, he's laughing!! It's not even funny. My mom and I hate Pokemon, but I guess anime is okay. It's not as bad as those old cartoons that my daddy used to watch when he was a little kid. Those are so boring, and you think "Yah, they're supposed to make you laugh!" but they don't. Not at all.

Gosh darnit, this is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen on the net, other than the crappy ICQ that I hate which opens up all the time. Anyway, Christmas is almost here and it's so strange. In July, I can't wait for Christmas. Now I'm always saying to myself, "Yeah, it'll be here whenever." and my favorite part ISN'T getting presents. I love going to church. I mean, last time my enormous family and I went, my aunt crashed into a tree and my brother spilled candle wax and juice all over me, but...oh well. It's so fun. Too bad my cousin can't take me cruisin' around for a while in our navigator.
I have my fingers crossed for a dog. A small, itsy bitsy adorable yellow lab who will cuddle with me all the time. My mom wants to name it Chille. Okay.. the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Erwin, that was what his dog's name was. But she was really cute and I admire her. It's just that, I don't anna be like, "C'mere ol' Chille dog!" that's my mom's favorite part of naming our dog Chille. I'd rather go with Peaches.
Sooo here's *Anastacia* signing of from her first Blogger, and mind you, she loves it.